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How I Met Your Mother Final Episode.

My good friend Alex wrote an amazing comment on my IG about the last episode and I wanted to post it here because it needs to be shared.

" I hate how everyone misses the point. 9 years we heard how perfect the mother is to Ted, and that is still true, but the fact is that things happen and the mother died 6 years before he started telling the story. He mourned her for 6 years. HE HAS TO MOVE ON. That’s the point. Bad things happen in life and we have to move on.

Seriously, how stupid and predictable would it have been if he just said “And that kids is how I met your mother” and then suddenly she walked in and all’s well. They had to make a twist.

What I don’t like, however, is the fact that this season was kind of pointless. Also, what’s up with Barney’s kid? I mean seriously? Anyways, Robin and Barney’s divorce was kind of disappointing, but what Barney said is true, this is who he is. He was never meant to be the husband type. People change and people get back to who they are even in an instant.The mother is the one for Ted. She died. She’s still the one. Ted moved on, to Robin, the girl who he never stopped caring about and loving. He got her back.

All of you just expected the show to be “your happy ending” when its not. Its the writers ending, TED’S ending.This is life. And everyone who thinks that sitcoms should make you laugh, your right,but HIMYM is also a drama. A tragedy even. Marshall’s dad’s death, Lily and Marshall’s break up, all of those things are very uncommon in sitcoms and that’s what makes How I Met Your Mother such a special show.”

*For the people your actually liked the finale, your welcome.